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University Church Organized UC Centennial Steering Committee

     The University Church recently organized the UC Centennial Steering Committee. This is in preparation for the UC Centennial in 2013. Several Committees were identified with the Chairpersons appointed by the Church Council. During the orientation of these committees the issues taken up were:

          1.  Clarification of roles and responsibilities
          2. Identification of priorities and pre-centennial activities
          3. Election of the coordinating council
          4. Agreement for future meetings

The following are the officers of the UC Centennial Steering Committee:

         Overall Chairperson :     Engr. J. Rizaldy Harder
         Vice Chairperson      :     Atty. Alejandro Somo
         Secretary               :     Mrs. Tess Militar
         Adviser                   :     Rev. Dr. nathaniel M. Fabula
                                             All Pastoral Staff

Working Committees

1.  History & Exhibit Committee
     Chair:  Dr. Miriam Traviña
     Co-Chair:  Mrs. Ramona Elevado

2.  Finance, Ways & Means Committee
     Chair:  Mrs. Elpha Siosan
     Co-Chair:  Engr. Jeriel Militar

3.  Caravan Committee
     Chair:  Rev. Joniel Howard Gico
     Co-Chair: Mr. Lemuel Caipang

4.  Souvenir, Logo & Ads Committee
     Chair:  Engr. J. Rizaldy Harder
     Co-Chair:   Mr. Socrates Ramirez

5.  Music & Theme Song Committee
     Chair: Rev. Roger Quimpo
     Co-Chair:  Dr. Lagrimas Catedral

6.  Documentation Committee
     Chair: Rev. Cris Amorsolo Sian
     Co-Chair:  Mr. Filomeno Sonza, Jr.

7.  Projects Committee
     Chair:  Dean Walden Rio
     Co-Chair:  Engr. Vincent Lacson

8. Food Committee
     Chair:  Dr. Perla Suyo 
     Co-Chair:  Mrs. Teresita Militar

9. Accommodation Committee
     Chair:  Mrs. Angel Robles
     Co-Chair:  Mrs. Trinidad Rio

10.  Promotions/Publicity Committee
       Chair:  Atty. Alejandro Somo
       Co-Chair:  Pastor Francis Neil Jalando-on

11.  Program, Events & Invitation Committee
       Chair:  Pastor Ruth Lunasco
       Co-Chair:   Ms. Esther Rose Romarate

12.  First Aid Committee
       Chair: Mrs. Lily Lynn Somo 
       Co-Chair: Mrs. Joela Rio

13.  Outreach Committee
       Chair:   Dr. Andresito Millamena
       Co-Chair:   Dr. Lucy Catalogo

14.  Centennial Publication Committee
       Chair:  Mrs. Evaline Gerochi
       Co-Chair:  Mrs. Ma. Rosalene Madero

15.  Recognition and Awards Committee
       Chair:  Mrs. Evangelica Padernilla
       Co-Chair:   Rev. Lolita Dais

16.  Prayer Committee
       Chair:   Ms. Lolita Derayunan
       Co-Chair:   Mrs. Emma Gico

17.  Physical Arrangements & Décor Committee
       Chair: Engr. Ruben Armadillo
       Co-Chair:  Dr. Alberto Java

18.  Evaluation Committee
       Chair:  Dr. Fely David
       Co-Chair:  Dr. Joel Ciriaco

    The body has agreed to eventually make a pre-survey as regards the prospective UC Centennial Projects that may be undertaken by the University Church. This survey will solicit from all UC members their suggestions and recommendations as to what key projects - both physical and ministry related - must be undertaken to commemorate the UC Centennial.

    All Committee Chairs were also delegated with the responsibility to find their respective members to assist them in their assignments. UC members are encouraged to support this undertaking.

    The Moderator also disclosed that the Church Council, since last year up to 2013, has approved the allocation of P35,000 per year as Special Fund for this UC Centennial Celebration.

    All Committees will meet again on July 29 to discuss the goals and programs of each committee.