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University Church launches "Search for Official Tagline" Contest


     The University Church formally launched the "Search for the Official Tagline of the University Church". This was announced by Engr. Rizaldy Harder, Church Moderator, during the Joint Worship Service last July 3, 2011. He said that the Church Council noted that the University Church does not yet have its own tagline that will express the ministry, mission and identity of the University Church, hence this search. He noted that "a tagline is important as this will communicate clearly to others what the church stands for, its ministry, mission and aspirations.". The tagline is meant to directly communicate to all everything important about the University Church.

    A tagline is a brief and concise statement meant to capture all there is about the church - its ministry, mission, witness and aspirations.

    The example of church taglines as already adopted by other churches are: "To Know Christ and to Make Him Known", "Committed to the Word. Caring for the World.". Other churches use a simple but directly strong tagline such as "A Church that Loves" or "A Christ-Centered Church"

    For its part, Central Philippine University as an academic institution has a distinctive tagline of "Exemplary Christian Education for Life". Similarly, the University Church now aims to have a tagline that will truly communicate what it believes in, what it stands for, what it aims to become, what God is all about to this church and what individuals and peoples really meant to the University Church.

    The winning tagline that will be selected will be finally incorporated in the University Church logo and shall henceforth be carried and displayed by the University Church in all its official symbols such as its communication letterheads, church posters and brochures, directory landmarks, vehicle stickers, bookmarks and ministry streamers.

This contest is part of UC's Pre-Centennial events and is subject to the following  guidelines:

1. The contest will commence from July 3, 2011 to September 30, 2011. Judging of entries will be between October 15 to November 15. The announcement of the winning entry as the UC Official Tagline will be done on the third Sunday of November, 2011, in time for the celebration of the UC Foundation and Thanksgiving Day.

2. Only regular and associate members of the church can join the contest and they can submit as many entries they like. UC members now based abroad can join the contest as long as they have not officially withdrawn their membership from the University Church.

3. The tagline must be concise and must not exceed seven (7) words. The author may write a brief explanation about the tagline not to exceed 100 words.

4.  The contest will follow the "First-to-Submit" policy to be reckoned on the day the entry was submitted. If the entry submitted was already submitted earlier in advance by another person, then the authorship credit will be to the latter. If two  persons submitted exactly the same worded tagline on exactly the same day, then the credit will be to the said two persons who submitted it. Hence, it is best to submit your entries at the earliest time.

5. The tagline entry must be original. It must not be a copy of an existing tagline of any church anywhere in the world, and this must be certified true by the submitting person. All entries will be subjected to a Yahoo and Google search for added verification.  Copied taglines if proven substantially are automatically disqualified in the contest.

6. The tagline entry must be written in the Official Entry Form and must bear the author's name, contact number and a signed certification that it is not a copied tagline but an original entry.

7. All tagline entries will be judged by a panel of selected judges from various church sector (to be selected by the Church Council) from the University Church, such as ; youth (10), adults (10), senior citizens (10), pastors (10), UC members abroad (5) and representatives from the CPU administration (5). Only the top three entries will be finally awarded and the winning entry will be declared as the Official University Church Tagline.

Note:  This mode of judging will ensure that even if one of the judges will rate his/her own entry with the highest score, yet there are about 49 other judges that will yet independently rate the entry. Likewise, all sectors in the church are represented so as to achieve a strong sense of ownership by the church family of the final winning entry that will be selected.  

8.  The Official Secretariat of the contest shall compose of the Church Secretary, Prof. Esther Rose Romarate, as Chairperson, with the Church Moderator, Senior Pastor and the Chair of the Board of Deacons as members.

9.  The winning Tagline entry will receive a prize of not less than P3,500 while the two consolation awards will receive P750 each.

10.  For clarifications, please contact the Church Moderator or the Senior Pastor.  Call at (033) 329-1971 loc 1013 or 1015.


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